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Here are some emails I have received from successful clients:


"Hello Christine,

I don't know if you remember me Lorraine H I came to you in Jan this year 4th I think it was?.I came to you for giving up smoking...and I'm very happy to say I haven't so much as even craved one let alone had one - its the first time in my life since I was 15 that I can honestly say I will never ever have one again. I don't crave them think about them at all its as if I've never even smoked I'm just so pleased.

As I have given up in the past and ended up I can really feel the difference its made having Hypnosis I just didn't think about them at all!! so in turn that meant I didn't crave them." Lorraine H

"It's 3 years now, and I haven't touched one, hate the smell, and am a lot better off. Thank you." Mick H.

"I can honestly say the last ciggy I had was about 20 minutes before I knocked on your front door. So total success so far, no cravings, binge eating, mood swings etc..." Scott C.


"Still haven't had a joint or a ciggie. I think I'm definitely cured!" Sue M.

"Marie C here.Just to let you know that it's been just over two years since I came to see you. I thought you'd like to know I've been smoke free ever since. Thanks so much." Marie C.

"Hello Christine

 Happy New Year to you!  I have been meaning to contact you just to let you know that I have done very well since I saw you in November.  I have not smoked or even wanted to smoke.  Now the smell of cigarettes just makes me think yuk why on earth did I ever smoke. 

I have also gone through very stressful times since seeing you and also managed to go through Christmas and New Year without.  Also when I go out with any of my smoking friends it doesnt bother me, I even held a cigarette for one of them but it didnt cross my mind to even have a puff.

Thank you very much" Gina S.

"hi Christine Im doing fine thanks, i haven't had one yet and am finding it really easy. thankyou very much for your help" Leigh H.

"I just thought I'd drop you a quick line to let you know I haven't smoked at all since I saw you, and I'd like to say a big thank you foe helping me stop. The first couple of days were a little tricky bt now I don't even think about it, not even in social or stressful situations, and there have been a few of each since I gave up!

Thanks again." Brian W.



Member of The National Smoking Cessation Institute

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